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Can Electromagnetic Radiation (from computers) cause Tinnitus?
serifsaid123 posted:
So I've been working on my computer about 4 days ago because it was making a weird clicking noise and i didn't know where it was coming from, so i decided to open up the side panel and get as close as i could to the computer while the computer is on to locate the source of the noise. I eventually found out what was causing the noise and replaced the noisy part, but after a few hours, my left ear started to make a ringing noise and up until now (4 days later) the ringing is still going on in my left ear. Does anyone know if my exposure to EMR might have caused this? . i had two doctors look at me today and all they said they saw was wax and didn't help me in anyway. All they did was give me Debrox to clear wax from my ear and Mason natura Ear Health Formula to "improve blood circulation in the ear. If EMR indeed caused my Tinnitus is there absolutely anything i can do about it? am i gone for good? is it possible that damage to my cells due to EMR be repaired either with time or medication?

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