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Is everything Related?
An_257659 posted:
Starting from the very beginning and I don't know if all of this is linked or if there's multiple things happening. I've had bladder problems for the past 4 years about every other month or so I'll have a bladder infection, go and get antibiotics and then I'm ok again for a bit. About 4 months ago my boyfriend and I were messing around and I was laying over him face up and kind of upside down and I started coughing up blood, it wasn't a lot just enough to catch my attention so I let it slide and went on with normal life. A month and a half ago I got really sick high fever, coughing so hard I was throwing up, couldn't breath well so I went to the doctor and they said I had bronchitis. Took the meds they gave me for that. Shortly after finishing the meds one night I just got really hot like a hot flash but worse, I layed down on a cold floor and the whole room started to spin and it was like my hearing was going in and out. It lasted for about 5-8 minutes. my boyfriend said I didn't feel hot that I felt really cold I turned completely white scared the crap out of him I still have the cough that I had back then but it's not as deep anymore, it's not makeing me get sick but still there, 2 weeks ago I was getting ready to go swimming and I started coughing up blood again, it was a lot more then the first time and really worried me Now my bladder is acting like it has a bladder infection but it's worse then normal to the point I don't want to move it hurts so bad, there is a sharp pain about 3 in to the left of my belly button I don't know what is going on and everytime I go to the doctor it just seems like they push me to the side maybe because of my age I'm unsure but I'm really starting to get worried about my health.
77grace responded:
Hi and welcome ,
It sounds like you have a lot going on !!!If you've been to this Dr. can you get another opinion from someone else !I really do think you need a good Dr.
Take care, 77grace
Anon_11253 responded:
Get an appointment with a Pulmonary Specialist (Lungs) or an
Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist (EN&T)

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