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Pain Management Representation
An_257671 posted:
Hi, I am new to the group, but I was wondering if there was a group or organization that represents patients and doctors to help us get proper medical care? I have had numerous problems causing chronic pain and can not take NSAIDS due to a severe gastric bleed, heart stopped 3x and have had roux n y, bariatric surgery so I can never have NSAIDS again. Therefore, I am considered a drug seeker. My records were taken by the DEA because my previous doctor was arrested for prescribing too many drugs. Help, there should be something we can do. No doctor in that city will see me now because I was his patient yet, I was assigned to him by my insurance. I would gladly take any ideas.
blessedladyptl responded:
If you're being told you can't get a copy of your medical records because the DEA has them, you are being lied to. You need to go to that drs office and tell them that you want a copy of your medical records and that by Federal Law it is your right to have a copy if you sign a release form, have proper ID and pay for the copies.

There is no such orgaization like the one you're asking about. There are different national organizations that are suppose to be working on changing laws. But, none that would be of immediate help to you. You may need to go to another city. Have you called your insurance company and asked them for other drs that take your insurance ? You also may have to accept the fact that you're going to have to start all over with a new dr, when you can find one who will take you as a new patient. When you call a drs office don't mention your previous dr, unless you are directly asked who your previous dr was or why you are looking for a new dr. If you are telling these drs or their office that you can't take NSAIDS, you will be flagged as a drug seeker. You have the choice of either jumping through the hoops we all have to jump through, or not being treated for you pain. Your new dr will have to have a copy of your medical records.

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