opiates and brain damage
leon64 posted:
Large does of opiates over an extended period of time do cause brain damage, especially to the white matter of the brain. This is an area that they have only recently started to study. White matter is critical to brain function and long term use somehow in conjunction with the receptor changes can cause microangiopathy or white matter disease. I believe if your quality of life is improved by taking moderate dosages as directed, it is probably not a great concern. But if your tolerance continually increases and your dose as well, be cautious. Also, inappropriate use tends to make the matter worse. Large dose of oxycodone have recently been implicated in the development of leukoencelopathy, a permanent condition that sneaks up on a person taking large doses for extended periods of time. We just don't know at what level things become toxic. It varies from person to person and depends on their overall health, other meds they take, and other medical conditions they may have.
annette030 responded:
Where did you get this information? I would like to read the studies myself, if you have links...
blessedladyptl responded:
Please post the link to your source.