Chronic Pain
robby59aug posted:
I would like to know if anyone can suggest alternative pain management strategies. Background: as a result of a traummatic injury to my neck in 1999, I had a C4-C5-C6 fusion in 2000, about 6years, or so, ago that went bad so I had a staged C6-C7 fusion, C4-C5-C6 refusion, hardware replacement and a C3-C4 disk replacement, that did not go well, so; finally this year a staged complete revision - removal of all hardware, the artificial disk, and previous fusions broken and a C3-C7 fusion with supporting hardware. All this has left me with continuing chronic pain. What I have tried: I have tried medications, relaxation therapy, physical therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, chiropractic treatments, psychiatric support, a TENS unit, trigger point injections, and botox injections. The pain remains in the 5-8 range daily, there was modest improvement after my two surgeries this year. I haven't given up yet, I do not know why. I guess I still think there is hope although I believe I am being somewhat delusional. However, if being unrealistic about my chances for a somewhat normal life keep me going I guess I can go with that. For those reading this, you are in this forum for a reason, I wish you all the best and continued improvement.
annette030 responded:
What medications have you tried?

Take care, Annette
robby59aug replied to annette030's response:
The medications I have tried include various combinations of the following: Fentanyl 72 hour patches, morhpine sulphate ER, oxycontin, oxycodone, tramadol, valium, butalbital, various types of hydromorphone (e.g., dilaudid and exalgo), and others.