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I am so TIRED of being called a SISSY!!!
nicoleteresabrown posted:
I have been getting a little more active this summer as a fibromyalgia sufferer. No matter what I am ALWAYS sore the day after or even the day I do anything physical. For example, I walked a lot yesterday at a amusement park and now my hip hurts so bad I can barely stand. Another example, I did some weed wacking for a friend. My wrist hurt so intensely I wanted to cry. But I finished the work because I was manic and I'm ocd. And my bipolar ocd does make me push myself even though it hurts. My question to other fibro friends is this: if I were to work out regularly would I still be in pain when I push myself to do anything physical? Is there a point where I can work out and strengthen my body to where it won't hurt anymore? And yes, I get called a sissy A LOT and it PISSES me off.

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An_255813 responded:
Most people are amazed that I can even work, let alone 16 hr shifts at time. the people you do not suffer from constant pain can not even imagine our world. A few have told me the would rather kill themselves then try to live as we do. Now that is being a sissy and selfish
Anon_1379 responded:
You won't get called a sissy nearly as often, if you refuse to accept that kind of treatment from people.

That said I do have FMS and it doesn't matter how often you work out or how much, accept that you may well always hurt after you exercise more than normal. I dance for an hour a day and do other exercises for another 15 minutes and have for over five years and I still have pain after any extra stuff I do.

Take care, Annette
annette030 replied to Anon_1379's response:
I AM NOT Anon_1379!!!! This is not the first time WebMD has put this label on me.

Take care, Annette
Anon_2912 replied to Anon_1379's response:
People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you. If they are being hurtful, disrespectful then it is time to stand up for yourself, weather they are family or friends. I don't care if you have fibro or not, you should be respected no matter what...

I believe in staying active regardless of pain. A body in motion tends to stay in motion...I am not saying go run 5 miles everyday, but keep your body active anyway you can, even if it is walking for 20 mins, but stay active.....
annette030 replied to Anon_2912's response:
I agree with everything Anon_2912 says!! Keep moving!! I have FMS and I have been belly dancing an hour a day, six days a week for over five years now. I dance at my own level, I have lost nearly 90 pounds, eating ice cream & M&M daily, in other words, I eat what I want.

Take care, Annette

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