Tylenol and back pain
David Maine, MD posted:
Recent study in the Lancet suggest Tylenol does not reduce lower back pain. This despite some guidelines that reccomend as an inital treatment choice. What is your experience?

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annette030 responded:
Tylenol has never helped me with any kind of pain, so I only keep it in the house for my husband. I use ibuprofen, generic of course.

Take care, Annette
blessedladyptl responded:
I have a neighbor who has DDD, nerve damage & RA. She has been taking 1,000 Tylenol every 6 hrs for over a year. It does not help her be able to walk or stand more than 10 mins, 3 times a day. But, it does help the problems she has developed due to having to be in bed almost 24 hrs a day. She receives Louisiana Medicaid and that won't pay for any form of pain management for chronic pain. She is also on disability for debilitating and pain physical conditions. There is a difference in regular low back pain and the pain from DDD. Although I wonder if some of the drs comprehend this.
rosielou responded:
I use Aleve or it's generic naproxen, it works well for me. Tylenol hasn't ever been effective for my back pain, or really anything for me.

My doc recommends staying away from Tylenol in general because it's in so many things. That way there's not too much risk of overdoing it. Like Annette we keep it around for my husband as he prefers it.

annette030 replied to rosielou's response:
Aleve or its generic give me terrible stomach aches, ibuprofen in the generic form is both cheap and effective for me. I feel everyone must figure this out for themselves.

Take care, Annette