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Hip labral tear experiences?
tom_1725 posted:
I would love to hear anyone's experience that they have had. I just had an MRI arthrogram and found out that I have a tear in my right hip labral muscle. I have had seriously severe debilitating pain in my hip muscles that I had no idea it was because of a muscle tear.
Anyways, the doctor I just went to didn't give me much information so I would love anyone's experiences or advice. How were you treated? Medications, therapy, surgery etc?

Thanks so much!
meaningfulc1952 responded:
Hello tom_1725,
I have never had what you have going on. I do think that you should see an orthopedic dr. You probably will need to have surgery from what you have said. I sure do not know for sure, but I think that seeing an orthopedic dr. is your best bet.

Good luck. I am sorry that you are in such severe pain. I have only heard what you have because Barry Manilow had the same problem and did have surgery in order to fix the problem.

I hope that you find a really great dr. that can help you.


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