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chronic pain with a peg (g) tube
cmeharper posted:
i want to find out if there is another pain med i can crush and put down my peg tube. i have been taking hydrocodone almost 3 years. i take the 10/325. 2 every 4 hours. the only 2 meds i have been told i can take in the tube is hydrocodone, and morphine. but i found out morphine is not for long term use. i cant take anything that's time released, or extended release. what can i take for long term pain?
annette030 responded:
Sorry, you can't take any long acting opiate pills because none of them can be safely crushed and taken via a PEG tube. When you crush long acting opiates, you eliminate the long acting delivery system and get all the drug at once, risking an overdose. Your doctor has probably already explained this to you. You can also crush percocet or immediate acting plain oxycodone, but that only lasts 4-6 hours. It is another short acting opiate. There are a couple of other short acting nacoticss that can be crushed, but they won't help you either. The only long term opiate that I am aware of that you could use is the fentanyl patch that you apply to your skin. This patch would need to be replaced every 48-72 hours depending on how you respond to it. The drug is absorbed directly from the patch through your skin and into your blood stream. Take care, Annette

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