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Anon_57995 posted:
subtitled: a peer reviewed journal of the American Family Physicians

Very interesting reading!
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annette030 responded:
I read this along with part two of the article. Somatization is a psychiatric diagnosis and I have a real problem with the authors using chronic fatigue syndrome, FMS, and irritable bowel as examples of somatization and saying it is okay to "label" the patient's problems by using these diagnoses.

They also suggested using "benign" treatments, they mentioned using NSAIDs for this, NSAIDs are not benign. I was always taught not to play into a patients delusions, but to gently tell them the truth. I would need a lot more psychiatric information to deal with this problem.

Then I looked at the date of publishing, it was Feb. of 2000, twelve years ago. That is a long time as far as medical research goes.

Thanks for the link though, it was a good read.

Take care, Annette