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BrenBren30813 posted:
Latest research, news, and a plethora of information pertaining to your health. It also has a Pysician Search, specialty sites, and a drug reference guide. Also includes a wonderful journal: American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

The best thing about it: it is not like searching on the internet, which can lead to misinformation and undesired crap data. I find it pretty efficient.
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teresakitty2 responded:

Thanks for listing that. Medscape is a great resource that is reliable and efficient. Also, for finding research, some good ones are PubMed and Medline. T.
annette030 responded:
I have belonged to Medscape professional site for many years. The application is longer than many sites, but no longer than some others.

I had the Internal Medicine updates emailed to me regularly for ages. I found lots of good info pertaining to Migraines, which were a big problem for me at that time, and also for cancer and diabetes updates, common in my family.

I still have it bookmarked for easy access. I really like it for much the same reason as you do, it is not trying to sell anything, and posts mainly peer reviewed journal articles, so you know the erroneous information has been filtered out.

Take care, Annette
Magsjeanea responded:
I have also belonged to Medscape professional for a long time and also check out all of my medications on I have it downloaded on my IPad and Iphone. It is the computer resource I used in several hospitals in which I worked. I wouldn't take a medication until I checked it out on MM.
Love Goes There, Mag's Jeaneau
ctbeth replied to Magsjeanea's response:
I just perused the site and I do like it for the same reasons as most.

Mags, Annette, I, and a few others here are also RNs. It seems ironic, for me, since my entire career has been in neurology. Now I'm a neuro patient.

Mags, I like that you have posted your pic. I guess I'm a very visual person as it is so much easier to keep comments straight when there is a face to go with the name. You're very pretty, too and I have appreciated your comments in discussions.

Yup~ Love Goes There~

Magsjeanea replied to ctbeth's response:
Thank you Beth, for the compliment. I have really enjoyed the discussions and comments. It took me forever to figure out how to reply while I was on my IPad but have it figured out now. If you look at my profile you will see that I am an ortho mess and also have Crohn' it good on both again,
Love Goes There, Mag's Jeaneau
ctbeth replied to Magsjeanea's response:
Hello again, Mags,

Yes, I read your profile. You've really been coping with much challenge.

I'm glad for you that your Crohn's Disease is remiss. It is a horribly-devastating experience, is it not? Years ago I had a boyfriend who suffered with it- and the operative word is suffer.

If you have looked at my profile, you'll see that I seem like a quite un-lucky woman. Indeed I have had my share of misfortune, but in actuality, I have a very sweet life and consider myself to be blessed with a beautiful life.

Stay in touch,


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