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Judging people with or without chronic pain
ggladieux posted:
I try not to judge people by anything they do if they aren't hurting themselves or someone else. Unfortunately, I know that I've been judge by other people who do not understand or want to understand what life is like with fibromyalgia. My sister inlaw is just such person, she thinks that I'm just being lazy. Believe me I wish it were that simple, but it isn't.

The days of being completely pain free are few and very far between. I fight my fibromyalgia every day, I absolutely hate what its doing to me, I cannot work any more. I make jewelry to help supplement what little bit of money I can make, but of course its not nearly enough.

I've always tried to live with the thought, "Judge not lest you be judged."
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Anon_1421 responded:
I know what you mean, I deal with judgement from ignorant people, even some of my family members. It's bad enough dealing with the constant pain, dealing with people who judge me just makes it is a link to something from someone who has also dealt with it-, maybe you could show it to your sister in law, maybe it would help......
Anon_57995 responded:
Did you know that Web MD has a Fibromyalgia Support Community?
annette030 responded:
I also have FMS, I have not been pain free for about 15 years or so.

Stop wasting your time hating what it has done to you, you are in charge of your own life. Exercise as much as your doctor says is okay, apply for whatever SSDI you are eligible for, continue making the jewelry and please post where we can go so see it!!

Take care, Annette
TDXSP08 replied to annette030's response:
I do not have Fibro i have multiple neuromuscular disease' s that although they are genetic in most i was an accident by nature and i live with pain to some degree everyday, some days i use my break through meds like tic tac's and others i barely need them. the biggest thing that a person living with any kind of chronic pain weather wild or mild is to do something every day that makes it a quality day quanity of days is unknown to all of us and even more so a guessing game for some of us- so something everyday to make it a quality day to many days whir past pain patients and they don't think about anything but the pain-start living like your going to die tomorrow and make every day special in its own way.

i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!

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