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    really determined.
    painattack posted:
    cant wait to get off all my pain meds; the stigma of a DRUGuser is almost as bad as the pain.NO ONE beleives you are really going to pain managment is like probation,pee in the bottle or no script. i am sick of begging like a dog for a bone. PASCO CO. is where i live and unfortunately it is the drug capital. Im sick to death of feeling like i have to PROVE myself. if i truly felt better i would gladly tell those drs. to shove it. i too was on high doses of fentyl now down to 25mcg but suffering alot of pain still. i just want off and to feel better too.i once qiute cold turkey but was real sick. increased pain,stomache pain,chills,diarrhea,leg cramps, yawning,the trembles. i am doing good @ 12mcg per decrease at a time.i want my freedom to live my lifestyle AND BE PAIN FREE.
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    bren_bren responded:
    Hi "pain attack" I was wondering how much time passes between the tapering of doses? You're doing it in 12.5 Mcg increments, right? You may be more in a hurry than me, but I want to know what your doc suggested?

    I'm not sure why the "stigma" or "stereotyping" is so bothersome to you? Friends? Family? It seems you have been on opioids for a while, considering your tolerance level. I'm just curious as to why on earth would you rather allow your body to be in physical pain just because of what others think, or may POSSIBLY think. Sometimes I get that way around family, but like a diabetic needs insulin to live a normal life, I need to rely on pain relief.

    I'm not trying to oversimplify what you have addressed. But instead hope to encourage you to alter your perception through education. I do so much reading on and find studies and physicians who care about the treatment of chronic pain. What are you being treated for?

    If you decide to stop the opioid regime, be sure your doc has other treatment options in place. It seems you have a very strong will. More power to ya. Let us know what's up. Feel better soon, B
    annette030 responded:
    I doubt many of us will be pain free any time soon. I am not pain free with meds, let alone without them.

    I don't discuss my meds with anyone outside my immediate family, the people I actually live with, lol. Who cares what others think? My doctor, my pharmacist, and I are all fine with whatever drugs I opt to use.

    I don't mean to sound really dumb but what state is Pasco Co. in?

    You should do whatever you decide is best for you. With your doctor's input of course.

    Take care, Annette
    kimba48 responded:
    I really feel for you. I am not a pain sufferer , but husband is , I agree with you about the stigma, as he experiences that. Because of so many deaths from pain meds, doctors are reluctant to put people that legitamately need them on them. He is on Methadone, however , not high enough dose to manage pain effectively. His doctor is a jerk, who refuses to consider changing anything. He too is pee tested and made to feel like a criminal. I wish you luck
    An_258778 replied to kimba48's response:
    The drug tests are for your protection. How else can they be sure you are taking the meds and not selling them. Work with the system instead of whining on how you are being mistreated. I also do not tell people what my meds are not. even here.
    Anon_57995 replied to kimba48's response:
    Urine testing is a medical laboratory evaluation. There is no reason to feel like a criminal. That is the best way to stop diversion to Rx meds to the street

    If your husband doesn't like his pain management doctor, why isn't he finding a different one?

    I don't discuss my meds with anyone except my doctors.

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