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ctbeth posted:
Web MD allows us the opportunity to post a bit about our history in the "About Me" section on our profile.

Please be aware that this info is ONLY visible by others of this community, not the entire Web MD community.

For me, having this brief history documented there makes it easier to refer other members there, rather than having to explain our situation over and over.

When I can click and read about other members, it allows me to find others who have experiences similar to mine.

I have never had a problem with spammers, scammers, or anyone mis-using my email address.

This is just one more feature that Web MD Communities have to help us connect.

Thanks for reading, and please consider filling out, "My Story".

My most-sincere wish is that all of our pain be managed and that, meanwhile, we find a full and pleasant life while we cope with whatever pain with which we live daily.


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ctbeth responded:
Hey TDX/ Andre'~

I just read your "About Me". I am making it a point to read about my friends, if they have one posted.

You are NOT a mess, as you say; you are a very brave and strong gentleman who has been living a very difficult set of circumstances, yet makes to best of every day.

Self- deprecation among my friends is NOT allowed!

Stay in touch, please.

You know how I admire the grace with which you bring to your living with pain and post-trauma.

You have taught me, and teach others, about courage.

This community is fortunate to have you as a member.


TDXSP08 replied to ctbeth's response:
Geez Bet you make me sound like a man instead of a shrink inking Midlife giant genetic flaw but I truly do appreciate the compliments they hekp,I'm Just going thru a faze where i am not coping so well with whats happening to my body,I will get over it and find an emotional balance again.

As far as the community i chip in what and where i can and hope that it helps the person find resources or DOCTORS OR JUST SOMEBODY TO HEAR THEIR PAIN!

i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
ctbeth replied to TDXSP08's response:
~Hey Andre'~
I don't allow my friends to say self-deprecating things. okay?

You know that you're a fine man and good friend, even though we don't get to talk much these days.

I think it's normal to go through those horrible phases, right? Sometimes we're at peace with lives that have been terribly altered, and other times, it's, to me, like thinking about the past years and can hardly recognize my life and who I am anymore.

Do you know what I mean? Looking at photos from "BEFORE" can be shocking!

Why wasn't I jumping for joy on a daily basis? Why didn't I celebrate every day and night just because I was so healthy?

Life just doesn't work that way, does it? Too bad.

It's nice to see you around the site.

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