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madamblueberry posted:
I just recently joined this newsletter and after reading your entry I really understood what you were saying. For 15 years I told my Neurologist I had horrible back pain. He did do an MRI but the film was so poor the disks at L-4/5 and S-1 did not show clearly. I did have 9 steroid injections, PT and medications. None of these were helpful. It wasn't until I had left foot drop and could no longer walk for more than 15 minutes that he finally listen. I was seen by a Neurosurgeon who found the herniated disk in 20 minutes and scheduled emergency surgery 11 days. The disk had caused spinal cord injury. Had I not confronted my doctor and made him listen to me, I could very easily lost the use of my left leg. If your doctor will not listen, find another physician. Back pain or any chronic pain for that matter can lead to depression which may also have to be addressed. Until you have chronic pain you cannot understand how it controls your life. I am very sorry your doctor won't listen, I hope by now you have found one that does. My advice is have documentation, published medical articles and write down items you want to discuss written down. Physicians are more likely to listen if you have done your homework. I hope you have found relief, back pain just about destroyed by life. Thank goodness I found my Neurosurgeon. For those who thought you were looking for surgical treatment first must not understand when you have chronic intense back pain you would do anything to stop it and must not have ever felt it.
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