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painfulinvermont posted:
I had issues with my Fentanyl patches not staying on my skin. They would come loose in the shower, or in the night. So now I use a great product called "Tegaderm Film" which can be purchased over the counter at the Pharmacy. They are very thin, and don't irritate the skin, but hold the patches on very well!! Good Luck!
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dja55 responded:
To: painfulinvermont:

Thanks for the recommendation. I will be checking at my pharmacy for these. I have had problems with certain brands of the patches staying on and get a rash from those same brands-the adhesive I think. There is only one brand of the patch -Milan-that really stays on well for me and I rarely get a rash from that brand. There is such a difference in the different brands. I've been lucky in that the mail order pharmacy I use sends the "good" brand. If you haven't tried that brand yet, try requesting it.

It's good to hear from another Fentanyl patch user that I'm not the only one that experiences them not sticking well. It's good to know that there is a product out there that works well to keep them on.

Thanks again,
CTBeth replied to dja55's response:
I'm not using Duragesic now, but I wore then for a few years.
The tegaderm can be expensive.
My MD ordered them as a prescription and my insurance paid for them.
I'd imagine that it depends upon your insurance company, but it may be worth asking your MD.
~ one day at a time ~
An_223034 replied to CTBeth's response:
I've used tegaderm along with tincture of benzoin. You paint the benzoin around the patch, but not over it, let it air dry a few minutes then put the tegaderm over that. It sticks really well.

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