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Dallasemmitt posted:
You are a wonderful Mom to be on medical sites looking for some helpful answers for your son. I am sure that he really appreciates your help, in all that you do for him.
It seems like an individual basis, to find what drug is going to work for exactly each persons body. If your son has access to a Pain Clinic or a doctor that specializes with pain meds, hopefully the trial and effect will work for your son. I have had migraines for 28 years, and finally, the Pain Clinic tried a few things and the drug sounds bad but it really helps me. The name of the drug is Methadone, and it is supervised constantly by two doctors and one nurse at all times. People gasp when they hear the name Methadone, and don't worry, I did too, but luckily, I gave it a try and "voila", it works.
I, like others, take four stool softeners a day, but it never really helped, so I know the pain of going once a week, and all of the fun that it entails. The new thing that helps me, and everyone I have ever mentioned it to, helps them as well, and the name is "Flaxseed Oil Pills" @1000 per dose, and I have just learned that you should ALWAYS take it at night time. You need to take all three pills at once and boy are they big!!! Now instead of screaming because it hurts to go to the bathroom, I scream because I am so happy!!! Not the best thing to get excited about, but it has actually changed my life.
Good Luck to your son, and thanks for being a wonderful, caring Mom who will help her child at all costs! My Mom is the same, but not all children are as lucky as your son and I.
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