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    An_223037 posted:
    My mother asked me to post this message for her. She had the following reactions to the drug (1 dose). Her doctor gave her a $10 coupon from the drug manufacturer and told her that because the drug was so new that she didn't know what all the contra-indications were.

    She had the following reactions: extremely dizzy, rolling-feeling in her stomach (wave-like nausea), couldn't function for about approximately 12 hours, couldn't eat. As the drug wore off she felt a terrible hangover with light-headedness.

    It did take care of the back and shoulder pain, but the other effects were so terrible, she would not recommend taking them at all, especially if you are alone.

    The manufacturer states that older people may be sensitive and not to operative machines while taking, especially driving. It is a narcotic, similar to morphine.
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    An_223038 responded:
    Much further down this board is a huge post on Nucynta. I have 1 friend who swears by it. I took it several days. It killed my pain, but it made me so short of breath a short walk made me feel like I was about to have a heart attack. But for some people it's great. Look for the long post. It scans several years the long post. Maybe i'ts no good for your Mother. It's no good for me because it makes me short of breath and I already have COPD. So don't let he docs bully her. I'ts still a new drug. Maybe 2 years old. Docs are pushed by sales reps to push new drugs. But read the side effects and complain about them. The docs have to listen when you do that. Look for the long post.

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