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"What's Happening Now" VS "See all Discussions"VS"Tips",etc.
BrenBren30813 posted:
When you first visit this page, you are in the "What's Happening Now", which will display recent discussions AND Tips AND Resources. If you select the "See All Discussions" link at any time during your session, neither the Tips nor the Resources will display in that view.

Just to let you know, because I have posted new threads in the Tips category in the past, and they will not show up in the "See All DIscussions" categroy, which is most probably the view everyone selects from the get-go.

Confused yet???
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greg8846 responded:
Hi Bren Bren :

I think this is great it informative and its lots of fun and thank you for your imput on the drug wthdrawal thing, its starting to get really out of hand. But thank you very much for you kind imput i value your past problems and ideas and jut knowing you know what happend when you stop meds with out being weened off is great. Again thank you. And this is really neat.


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