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the truth on pain meds
hondage posted:
In theory fentanyl patches work great, unless you count on never having enough due to them falling off if you sweat, shower, swim, they work well but have very limited results. There is no law federally on the amount of pain medication you can take. I take 240 Roxicodone ( instant release oxycodone) a month! Until Perdue pharmacuticals changed the formula of Oxycontin, to make it harder to abuse, which also acknowledged by them the pill releases less of the medication and the user will have to take more for the same affect! Don't worry another company is if not already buying the rights to the old formula. I used to take 120 roxies and 90 Oxycontin a month. Longacting drugs work great if you take the time to understand them. You have to realize intstead of getting say 30 mg all at have to divide the medicine by the exposure time. say 5mg vicoden last 4-6 hours, thats 1mg an hour! common sense for some. I am not a dr., lets just say a very well informed part of the pharmacutical community! This is a short entrance into what seems like a very confused posting. I am happy to talk to anyone, i have either taken or seen the results of pain medicine!
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An_223039 responded:
Hey hondage,

Well you made me feel better. I just wish you said what the dose was on the 90 OxyC you used to take. My insurance wouldn't cover OxyC so we were trying to use MSContin for long term. I was supposed to take 4 of the 240 mg MSC a day and up to 6 of the 30 mg Roxi for BT pain. But it didn't work out that way. Morphine makes me very tired and sleepy, as well as very hungry and I'm over weight to start with. So I used to take about 8 to 10 of the Roxi a day, and I could function very well with them. (but no MSC when I did that) Of course at 300 mg a day I was made to feel guilty. But we had no choice. So when the Roxi ran out I used the MSC until I could get the Roxi again. So I was taking about 300 mg a day of either Roxi or MSC but never both. So for 2 to 3 weeks a month I could function well, and then I spent 1 or 2 weeks a month always tired and wanting to sleep. So you're taking what, 240 mg of Roxi a day and then some OxyC? How much? I bet you're also taking about 300mg a day total. But I was being made to feel like a terrible person for taking 300 mg a day. Even the pharmacists frowned on this. In fact I think the pharmacists had to do with reporting this doc to the DEA and saying he was doing illegal things. So they arrested him for not doing all the proper tests. But my current PM doc hasn't done any tests neither. I'm just trying to make the point that I wasn't taking more than other people in severe pain. You're taking about the same as I was. So why am I being treated like a criminal. All the scripts were legal. They were being legally paid for by my insurance co. In fact my insurance co. allows what your's does. Up to 8 Roxi a day. Although the doc said he could only give me 6 a day. But they arrested him anyway, and now I'm in this bad situation.

Thanks for this post hondage. Can you tell me the dose on the OxyC pills you were taking? This is all for my personal satisfaction, and maybe to make me feel less guilty. I guess somewhere out there is another PM doc who will give me what I need. I just need to find him.
annette030 responded:
The way I have always figured it out was to total up the daily dose I was taking. So if I was taking three MS Contin 30 mg. each, per day, that is a total of 90 mg. per day.

When I had increased pain my doc would want to increase my opiate to double what I was already taking. But, I opted to increase it only by half of my present daily dose, and spread that over the day, either taking it twice a day or three times a day. This system has always worked for me. Last year I changed to methadone because it is far cheaper than the others. It also works fine. I generally go 3-5 years without having to increase the dose I take.

I have always used hydrocodone/APAP or oxycodone IR for BT pain.

Take care, Annette

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