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10/650 Percocet much more effective than 5/325 Percocet!
Kelly_30 posted:
WOW!!! My MD increased the percocet I take for breakthrough pain from one 5/325 tablet to two 5/325 tablets and the pain relief is almost too good to be true! I feel absolutely amazing today! I am so overjoyed that I wanted to share this with all of you. If you are taking percocet for pain and aren't getting pain relief with one 5/325, two 5/325's or one 10/650 might do the trick!

Living one day at a time.
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annette030 responded:
Of course, you are taking twice the amount of meds you were before. There is also oxycodone with less acetaminophen in it, you can get 10/325 pills, or even try the plain oxycodones and avoid the acetaminophen altogether. Discuss all these options with your doctor.

With my insurance company the plain oxycodone is cheaper, another plus.

Take care, Annette
anowlin responded:
Kelly, I'm glad the increase is working for you; but just be sure to watch out for the 325 (the tylenol component) or the acetaminophen. The dose used to be 4 gm daily but it was reduced to 3gm daily, or about 9 tablets a day (of the 3/325) and 4 of the 10/650 a day. (I think I did my math right; bottom line, watch the tylenol, and when you start adding OTC meds which almost always have tylenol in them, REALLY WATCH.

Tylenol in excess can cause liver damage and is nothing to fool around with.
anowlin replied to annette030's response:
Thanks, Annette. I seem to recall we were going to get together on something a few years back, I can't remember what it was, but I missed you. Sorry, Annie
annette030 replied to anowlin's response:
No worries, I don't remember either, lol.

Take care, Annette

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