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Vitamin D and Pain ****so very important.....
dollbug posted:
MiMi in NC.....I normally post on the Fibromyalgia Exchange....but I did want to encourage everyone who has pain to ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level.....I learned the hard way....and I try to tell everyone I speak to....about Vitamin D and just how important it is....
Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain within itself....

There has been a lot of recent Vitamin D research and they are finding out just how important Vitamin D is....even for infants, young children, teens and everyone.....I do not quite understand why doctors have not told patients more about Vitamin D and added this simple blood test to the "normal blood tests that they do anyway".....You MUST ASK your doctor to check it though....this has been studied as far back as 30 years or so....

I have learned how to "control" my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements....and it took me a long time to figure out just what my body needed.....and I am sure that anyone can also do is a trial and error process though....and what helps one may or may not help another....

I take maganesium and malate combination supplement....Omegas, Vitamin D supplement, Calcium and Super B others...but these are the ones which help my FM pain the most...

I would also invite anyone with FM pain to visit the Fibromyalgia Exchange....where you will get a lot of good "tools and tips" on things that might also help you learn how to cope better with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM...

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Weathergirl21 responded:
Thanks for the information Mimi!!

I totally agree about how crucial Vitamin D3 is for all of us...It helps everything from kidney function, bone/muscle pain, cognitive enhancement, certain cancers, immunity...

The supplement I take have not only helped with my muscle pain, but also my mood and energy as well...I became very low in levels after not spending anytime in the sun due to skin cancers...

I have also gotten a light therapy box with negative IONS breeze a few months ago...and WOW...I have actually given up caffeine since the 'buzz' of energy I get from this with only 15 minutes each morning is amazing!!! It's completely safe..non UV light..

I started at 30 minutes and it was too much!! LOL...

So thanks for bringing this up and someone's Dr. can let them know after the test results what dosage is best for them and it's important to look for the D3 as opposed to regular D if people are picking this up at the store themselves...

The good news is slowly but surely the word is getting out on the value of supplements...

Thanks Mimi:)
annette030 replied to Weathergirl21's response:
My doctor checked my vit. D and vit. B12 levels both some years ago. My vit. D level was just a bit below the normal levels, and I have been taking a supplement daily for quite awhile. I can't say it has helped my pain levels, but it sure can't hurt to keep it up where it should be.

Take care, Annette

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