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Chronic Pain
An_240052 posted:
I find that when you tell people you suffer from chronic pain, they make many assumptions. I tend to be more careful as to whom I share what my pain entails. I have diagnosed with fibro, however it seems then everyone assumes that you are depressed.
I have polyarthritis and five artificial joints. I have two large dogs and two teenagers. I do not get much support from my ex-husband and he still makes very rude and humiliating cracks about my being on disability.
I use a wheelchair and walk with a cane. My former mother-in-law is forever blaming me for her son's problems. She makes conintual remarks to my children. So the psychological barriers to me are the most difficult to break. When people around me sound petty, I try to educate them about assumptions. I had to go to a food bank when I could not work and had no income.
It is unfortunate that have a disability or a handicapping condition in our culture is still considered a stigma. I have a doctorate and feel very guilty about not working and it is still most significant loss for me.
I will tell you that I have never worked harder in my life to have a life and make the most out of this wacky body. I have to look at it like I am driving a tank and that I can only go where my tank will go and use it to my best defense. My brother a retired veteran, taught me that!

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