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Need any answers I can
Hello, Im a 24 yr old female who was just diagnost with neuropathy from my doc. She didn't tell me much just this is what u have. So now I'm here trying to get answers. I'm sure it's peripheral, but need help finding out if my symptoms are related. They are as follows: when I stand I have sharp pain in both feet ( feels like bee stings) I have cramps in my legs whenever they want to have them. I get charlie horses in the dead of night. There are times I can't even stand. My hands are now getting cramps and my arms at times as well. I need some answers that my doc seems to not want to spend the time giving. So please anyone who can help would be great.
DeanCR responded:
I suggest that you look into CIDP. Since your doctor told you it was neuropathy and you said the symptioms were peripheral then CIDP would at least be in the same Zip code as what you are describing. I have been dealing with CIDP for 5 years so if you do have CIDP then I would be happy to share information. But you should look at the following website first ( ). There are many other peripheral neuropathys so you should look on-line and then talk with your doctor. Push him (her) to refer you to a neurologist.

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