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Newbie here but not new to chronic pain
7yearbattlesofar posted:
I have a diagnosis of Lupus SLE, Facet Joint Arthritis, Nerve impingement in the C-spine from an MVA in 2009 incl. a calcified falx in bbrain. I have Fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, several bulging discs some bordering the thecal sac. I have neuroforaminal narrowing and congenitally short pedicules with some stenosis. I was dxd with early stage Osteoarthritis all over last year along with Occipital Neuralgia aand papilledema and had an emergency spinal tap done to relieve pressure on my brain. I am a 43 year old MOM of a 7 yr old boy and dont have time to be this ill now that my marriage has fallen apart due to me being ill and him being an ass/alcoholic who could never understand why I was in pain. It was like he never believed me because I dont look ill. I have been on several pain meds , lots of different drugs int he past 7 years, I feel like my symptoms have been treated but we are going nowhere on the illnesses. I know there are no cures but come on, I should feel somewhat better than wanting to be in bed. I know where I live is part of the problem as the climate is too cold and the elevation too high (also have sleep apnea and need 3 liters of 92 with my BiPap. Been to so many doctors, specialists, I dont know who to see anymore, if I am on the right meds any longer and really feel like all there is left to do is make me feel comfortable and do w hatever I can with my son and move to a warmer climate. I feel like I have hit bottom here. i want to find a good doctor close to home (have a great one near my sisters when I first left my husband but thats a 2.5 hour flight each month...gets costly) and the ones here are all 70 miles or more away from where I live but thats better than flying. I want to find someone who is willing to start from day one with my records and go thru them with me and then give me his opinion on what to do and where to go before I just get into that "give up" stage. I cant for my son but damn some days are so effing hard I cant not cry all day long or get out of bed. Well I dont want to go on and on, this is too much already. Thanks for listening to a newbie and I would love anyones opinion if they are willing. thanks

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