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Fell down a flight of stairs.Please help
dawns61 posted:
I went on a trip to Orlando over Thanksgiving weekend,and the hotel we where at you can go out a door to see the pool,anyhow I was going out the door to check on my daughter and ost my balance falling down 8cement stairs hitting my heel first,then back then head.I'm doing fine with everything except my heel,I cant walk on it and its constant pain.Soon as we rturned home I went to the er and they did an x-ray,and they thought it was broke also so then did a ct scan ,it showed a very large contusion but that was all.This has been well over a month now almost 2 and the pain in my heel is still very severe.Can anyone help with a suggestion ? I thought a bad bruising went away at 3 weeks tops,but not in this case,Also when they did the ct they said my foot was not broke,would that show the heel as well ? Thank yu so much for any help.
An_243003 responded:
While recuperating sit with your ball of the foot resting on a phone book and your heel on the floor. Gently stretch the affeted area for as long as you cn. When pain subsides somewhat rest it for a while and gently do it again several times a day. Then wait a few days and check it to see how much improvement you have. Tendon injuries do not show up in x-rays. Doctors also give shots to help healing if it still does not get well.
dawns61 replied to An_243003's response:
Thank you very much and I will definately give this a try. Its been almost 4 mo's now since I fell si I know its not just a bruise even though they did a ct scan something is definately wrong when I still cant walk on it.
Thank you again .

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