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I have rsd/crps both terms are used 7.5 yrs now
babyred1975 posted:
hi, usually I just read at sites ,sometimes I see new tx's or meds, I was an rn for 18yrs when this happened ,had bilat knee replacements rt side great ,left side RSD ,I had never heard of rsd nor had a pt with this,after 6 months working with ortho,went to num 1 knee guy in state to get answers ,got it ! RSD,after lots of research,went to pain clinic ,2 blocks 1st 2and 1/2 days "thought I was cured " got slamed ,2nd 7 hrs at 50 %,done ,on 2nd block med shot out of tract hit scatic nerve and that has been humming ever tock and lt legsince ,so left hip/buttock and lt leg all the way to foot involved,temp /coldness of ft ,edema if leg down,pain increasing any walking use cane /hoveround/ etc to do what I can ,no matter what time is so limited ,I still havent excepted going from 100 miles per hr to 5 miles per hour ,have been on so many pain meds,keep changing to trick body ,do use fent patch 100 mcg q3days, just off opana " not availible " not sure what thats going to mean for lots of us ,started dalauid today 4mg up to 6 times a day, also neuro {I call it zinging } drives me crazy lol ,meds for se of other meds. I am concidering scs finally I need more time ! trail I think will be in july,and Im scared , I know infection rates ,failure rates ,effects on knee implants if infection occurs ,in spite of all that Im going to try ,never below a5 on pain scale in 7 yrs , it grinds a person for sure and Im an eternal optimist ! Ketemine out for me ! so say a prayer for me ! babyred

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