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Can't walk help!!
misscarriea7x posted:
I'm a 24 year old female who has had minor issues with pain on and off for the last 5 years but nothing serious.

Last Saturday I woke up unable to walk due to the amount of pain in my leg. Right leg from the knee down was discolored (pinkish purple), numb, tingly, swollen, and cold. I thought it was a circulation issue. Went to the ER and they checked for blood clots and found nothing. Was sent home on lortab. 10 hours later left leg starts hurting the same way so went back to the ER. Confirmed swelling. Docs didn't see me. Was sent home. Crying from pain (I have a high pain tolerance)

4 days later... Still in pain. Go to the doctor and they told me to go back to the ER. Had an MRI, CT scan, and X ray done... And found nothing. Blood results came back fine. Docs sent me back home....

I'm so tired and I can't walk that well without falling and I'm a week into this pain and I don't know what's wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions? I hate lortab and tylonal isn't working. I've had no injuries... My back looks great... Everything. My whole body hurts now... The docs are lost and so am I...
WontLetMeUseMyName responded:
Pain management has come a long long way. More and more hospitals are delving into the pain management field, as they are finding it is not only beneficial to their patients, but rather profitable.
If your hospital/ER is sending you home with pills that don't work, research the hospitals in your area and get yourself to one of them.
If you have an undiagnosed pain, this does not mean the pain is not real. Keep pushing until someone finds what it is.
bren_bren responded:
What kind of doctor sent you back to the ER? If you continually go to the ER in pain (which they cannot find a reason for) they are going to gain suspicion; especially if you are getting prescription pain med's there--sorry, that's just the way it is now.

I do believe you had a true emergency when you went, but ERs aren't designed to handle follow-up care. They should have referred you to a general practitioner, at least. If your GP has sent you back to the ER rather than seeing you, find a new GP.

Hopefully you have insurance, because ER visits are astronomical and could be a waste of $$ since your GP can run many of those tests (even at other facilities w/ a referral) at a lower cost.

I know how distressing it all is, and I'm sorry to see you have been misguided, but a doc who is truly looking out for you would have referred you to a specialist (possibly a neurologist)-not the ER.

I'm frustrated for you. I hope you can come back & let us know how you're doing. This board is a bit slow, but some of us are still around!

Take care, B

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