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    I was wondering,do you think our Attitude can make a difference in Pain?
    77grace posted:
    Hello everyone,
    I have been having one of my really bad Pain days,you know ,the kind where it feels like I just can't hang in there and wish I could just sleep through ll this pain and forget it all!
    But then I rremember all the times that when I feel really bad and hurt so much that if I call someone else who I know is also suffering I start to feel better, and Viola.I do!!!Sure I still hurt but not as bad at all and I belelive that my attitude can make me or Break me!
    Can you relate???
    smann68 responded:
    Hi 77grace,

    I agree that our attitude while in pain does matter. Sometimes when I'm having one of my worse days, I call my mom who is also suffering and sometimes together we can make each other feel better. It can also go the other way if we're not careful. I think anything that we can do to take our minds off of ourselves has the possibility of making it seem better. There are times though that are so bad, you just have to do what you can to make it through. Hoping your all having a better day!
    77grace replied to smann68's response:
    Thanks for your reply!I definatly agree that our attitudes and the way we think,I'll say allow ourselves to think make a difference!
    Its not always easy to think positive but it really makes my day alot better and makes me a better person!I'm sure i'm easier to be around too!You know ,not always negative and thinking of myself and how much I hurt!!!!
    I just recently had an agrument with my Husband about something and He said something like "I'm tired of how neggative you are !"It really made me think!
    Gotta go ,Latter,77grace
    smann68 replied to 77grace's response:
    Don't beat yourself up too bad. It's not easy being in pain all the time. It does help us & the people we're around if we are able to be "positive", but we do the best we can. It's not always possible when you're in pain. I just hope your husband understands that. You know, if other people could just walk in our shoes for 1 day.....
    77grace replied to smann68's response:
    Thanks ,
    Yes my Husband doe's understand,he is usually pretty good but when stressed,Watchout!!!!The Boogie Man comes out!!!
    Seriously though,I'm glad you understand ,hopefully others will too and share their thoughts!
    I hear how some can change the way they handle pain just by thinking or I guess trying Medatation!I try but my mind wanders too much!
    Take care swann68,Blessings 77grace

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