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multiple knee surgeries
mustanggirl302 posted:
I have had 5 knee surgeries. I finally found a dr. who is willing to take the chance and fix my knees. I guess all of the other surgeries were not correct. I have bone on bone, now this dr. is opening my knee from the thigh to the shin. Turning my knee cap backwards, cutting, shaving, and grinding everything, bone spurs, etc. then I get two holes drilled into the femur, putting a steel plate over the femur, and placing a plastic ball behind my patella, (knee cap) so it will be plastic rubbing on the steel, no more bone on bone. Now I have been on perkasets for many years, started with vicoden, and the dr.s continued to up my doses, and move me to stronger pain pills, I have chronic pain, my knee is always swelled up the size of a cantalope, and very uncomfortable, even with pain meds I am still in pain, probably around a 6-7 all the time (with meds) with out the meds I can't move my knee. I was just curious if there is anyone out there who has delt with this type of issue, and if so, did you find relief at all???? please help... thank you
cweinbl responded:
My wife just had total knee replacement. The incision is about 6-7". The pain has been tolerable, with only Hydrocodone (Vicoden) necessary. She is able to manage most, if not all of her daily tasks.

How often are you icing your knee? You should be using an ice pack for at least 1-2 hours several times per day/night. This will decrease your swelling.

Are you using the mechanical device that gives your knee repeated range of motion? This device is mandatory for a swift recovery. Did no one tell you about this at the hospital? Ask your doctor about it. If you use this machine, you'll have little trouble moving your knee through the recovery.

You should be getting therapy at least three times per week (every day would be better and twice every day would be terrific). Without therapy, you'll risk a lifetime of pain from fibrosis (adhesions). This is particularly relevant to people like you who have had repeated surgeries, which produce plenty of fibrosis.

Everyone handles pain uniquely. What works well with one patient doesn't with another person. You said you were using Vicoden, but your doctor gave you something stronger. What is it? You failed to mention that. Oxycodone (a.k.a. Percodan/Percocet/Roxicet) is stronger than Hydrocodone (Vicoden), but there is a risk of withdrawal with all opioids. You should NOT have a constant pain level of 6-7 with your pain medication. Good luck!
mustanggirl302 replied to cweinbl's response:
Thank you, I am still in pain, constantly, I have seen the dr. only one time, this was the 20th of November, my surgery was October 25, I am not in any type of therapy, I do not have a machine that helps, he showed me some excersizes I am suppose to do daily, My surgery was putting 2 holes in my Femur, attached the alloy plate, shaved off many inches of the bone, from the many bone spurs, took out my patella(knee cap) and coterized the entire thing, smoothed it out, and added a plastic ball behind the knee cap. This was so I will only have plastic rubbing on the alloy. My entire knee was opened up and rearranged, my knee cap was never straight and now is on the proper track. I use ice, and heat, I was using a walker for a week in a half. I didn't have any instructions from the dr. as I am to young for a comlete replacement, he "fixed" everything inside, and said it shouldlast me at least 15 years, when I will be eligible for a complete replacement on both knees... He also wants to do this exact surgery on my left knee when the right heals... It is very painful, and I am not looking foward to another surgery. As far as the medication, I have Vicodin,(10/500) I am also taking Perkaset(10/325) I have actually been on the oxycodone(perk) for almost 2 years, and hydrocodone(vicodin) on and off since 2009.... I also am prescribed cyclobenzaprim(Flexerall 10 mg 3times daily) I don't take them all at once, I take it based on the pain I am having. Per for higher pain relief, Flexerall at night to prevent twiching muscles, so I only take one of them a night. They seriously knock me down, and I have kids and have to stay alert... I am not sure about how my knee is healing, the dr. was happy that the scar is looking good and that I am active and being that I am young, he just lets me work as my body feels is right. I can walk and drive about 20 minutes, before I am in a lot of pain, then I stop and put my leg up. I am now on an "asprin" diet, I am taking 500mg daily for cloting, I was on warfarin, now asprin. I appreciate the help with the excersize and icing advice. I am glad that there is someone I can ask and get some type of answer from... Thank you so very much.... Sincerely Christina.... The pain is getting better, and I am able to do a little bit more then right after surgery. But, I am very stiff in the mornings, I can straighten my leg slowly, and for a short time, I can not ben my knee yet. I am working on that everyday but, it hurts terribly sometimes, so I do stop when my body tells me to... Thank you again for all of the information...

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