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    oh my goodness THE PAIN
    cervical66 posted:
    Hi, I have been in a auto accident that almost broke my neck. I now have a reversed cervical curve. My neck is bent at C5-6. I have had a cervical fusion of C5-6,C4-5 and C4-3 has collasped and I turned my head the wrong way and I am in so much pain. I have had a biopsy on my hyroids because they hought I have cancer. I have a goiter with sgns of hemorrhage. I am losing hair ,weight and my tolleration of pain. I have taken care of my husband for the oast ten years. He is dsabled from his back. I am having it so hard sitting here watching my house get messy nd out of order. My children grew up with mom doing everything. I hurt if I look to either side and if I look up or down. This is almost impossible. I have to wear this big bulky neck brace ti keep me from turning my head. I am in my 40's.I look good but I have to use a cane . My doctor said I will be fine as long as I do not fall. I could break my neck. I like to laugh and play around. My kids miss me. I stay in pain now. I have a grimmis on my face and take strong pain meds. My husband has to do all the driving bcause I can not turn my head fast or even far enough to view blind spots. Oh I am not as misserable as I sound just hurt a lot and sometimes I feel alone in this situation. I know that there is many more people that are worse than I am. I am on here to meet others with chronic pain and maybe will share how they have learned to help deal with pain. Hope I do not soundto much like a complainer, just venting. I would tell you the type of pain in my arms and shoulders and neck, hand, fingers and now my left leg. But that is for later... Good venting to you gus
    cweinbl responded:
    Very sorry to hear about your accident and pain. It must be very difficult for you.

    If you had cervical fusion at C5-6, why did they not also fuse your collapsed C3-4 and 4-5 vertebra? Why would they leave you with an unstable spine?

    Did you have disc replacement at C5-6? Today, you can have a permanent (artificial) replacement disc for cervical herniaitons. That provides as much stability as autologous fusion (using bone from your hip or a cadaver), with much greater range of motion. Or, did your surgeon simply remove the disc and insert metal hardware?

    I don't know what to say about your instability. No one should have to live like that. Once the spine is accessed surgically, many levels can be fused (at the same time) to prevent instability in the future.

    On the positive side, damaged nerves can take a very long time to heal. So, you may still experience some decent improvement.

    For now, ask your doctor for a referral to a comprehensive pain management program. There, you will find dozens of treatments for your spinal intervention, including:
    TENS, acupuncture, biofeedback, physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, injection of steroids and anesthetics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, cortisone, rhyzotomy (radio frequency denervation), spinal cord stimulator, intrathecal infusion pump, off-label medications (anti-depressants, anti-convulsants), combination of long-acting pain medication with breakthrough meds, counseling, hypnosis and meditation. Just be certain that the pain management program offers more than just injections. Good luck!

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