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Chest pains
bubblebeam09212 posted:
Since early high school (around 15yrs old, I'm 23 now) I've had chest pains located on my left side. Stabbing pains that will sometime spread to my ribs and under my arm. The pain is intense and I will not want to move. The only thing I can do is put pressure on my chest and lay down, and that really doesn't do much. I think I've figured out that it is caused by some form of stress. It can be either emotional or physical stress, emotional causing most of the triggers. For the longest time it would be only a pain in my chest and the occasional down my side and under my arm, but now after about 6 months of not having the pains, they've come back but now I will have loss of breath.

Any doctor that I have seen for it has said that it could be a small cyst, but they didn't feel like it would be ok to operate and look, that was when I was 15. And another doctor I went to 6 months ago thought it was only stress and did not prescribe anxiety medication, but instead lower tabs and muscle relaxers, which actually caused more pains and stomach problems. My family doctor at one time did prescribed to me an anxiety medication but, the symptoms were too much for me to handle and I stopped taking the medication.

I have never had a doctor scan me for any problems. I have only gotten blood test taken and nothing ever shows up. I do have a history of depression and anxiety. And I've always assumed that was the cause. My boyfriend and I have looked up possible things and all of them either led to stress or angina, and I want to say angina is a very small possibility.

If anyone has any advice or any way to alleviate the pain, please help. Any advice or resources would be greatly appreciated. I'm really tired of the stabbing chest pains...

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