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    Suffering from TMJ or TMD
    samarie posted:
    I honestly feel that my disk is out in my jaw. The left jaw bone moves even when I just lower my head. It has recently gotten worse. I feels like it is pressing against my throat. Always sore throat and thingling in my tongue. Does anyone out there have this? I have had the MRI and the plastic mouth guard and pain pills. None of it seems to be helping. The doctors won't give me anything for it and haven't found a dentist that is much help. I can't even excercise right now!
    meaningfulc1952 responded:
    Hello samarie,
    I have had TMJ and have had 6 major jaw joint replacement surgeries in the past now. In the late 1970's I was diagnosed with TMJ and in the early 1980's my jaw actually locked on me when I was eating lunch. The pain from TMJ is excruciating and there are things and medications that a dentist or an oral surgeon or medical dr. can do to help you with the pain.

    Before you let your dentist, or oral surgeon start grinding down your teeth, or changing your bite, please do a lot of research about your condition. The TMJ Association is a very helpful group that has lots of information about TMJ and TMD. Please contact them because they saved me many times when I was so desperate for help. The TMJ Association really have done extensive research into the causes of TMJ or TMD and they have been around for a long time now.

    Please do not let an oral surgeon talk you into having jaw surgery unless you are absolutely convinced that is the only option that you have. My first jaw surgery was in 1983 and I had the Vitek implants. This surgery did not help with any of my jaw pain or daily headaches. In 1990, the FDA shut down the offices of Vitek and there was a huge class action from all of the patients that had Vitek jaw joint implants and the horrible results that these implants left patients with. There is still information on the web where you can look up Vitek and see just how dangerous those jaw implants were.

    I had had numerous night guards made for me during those years (1980 - 1992). None of them helped me at all. I was extremely frustrated and did not know what to do. My oral surgeon finally quit prescribing pain medicine for me and I was in a huge mess.

    I was told that I needed to see a pain management dr. I did and after several and more of seeing them I have finally found a very intelligent pain management dr. to help me with the constant jaw, headache and neck pain that I have.

    Before I ever had any jaw surgery at all I saw 7 different oral surgeons to get their different opinions. They all agreed that I needed to have jaw surgery.

    Believe me, once they start doing surgery on your jaw, there is no turning back. My life has been filled with chronic to severe pain ever since I had these jaw surgeries.

    Please be cautious and do not just allow an oral surgeon to do a procedure on you that can not be changed back to where you were before. I know first hand how this can almost ruin your life if they do these jaw surgeries.

    Everyone is different and should be treated that way. You must have to be very careful that you do not allow a treatment to be done and then later on you can not go back to how you were before. If the treatment helps then that is great, just be careful. I have been through way too much of this and know first hand what I am talking about.

    I wish you lots of luck. Please let us know how you are doing.

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