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Norco urine test showing false negative
debbilee posted:
Hi, everyone. New to this community - hope to learn and offer support.

Like most chronic patients I've been taking multiple meds for many years. My Dr. has startef requiring a urine and/or blood test to make sure I'm taking my meds. I have been taking 3-5 Norco each day for breaktrhough pain for years. Today, my Dr. said my urine tests have shown Negative for Norco so he will not renew my meds!?! How can this be? A blood test several months ago showed positive, and I've been taking my meds every day, but somehow it's not showing up in the uriine test. So not only does mh Dr. question whether I'm taking mmy meds, his attitude today made me feel like he thinks I'm selling them! This is not true, and I am beside myself wondering what I am going to do.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any suggestions?
smann68 responded:
Hi debbilee,

I've heard of this happening before. I would ask the dr. to retake the test and "remind" him/her of the positive results on the blood test.

How long have you been going to this dr.? Surely your past record with this dr. should count for something.
debbilee replied to smann68's response:
Thanks, smann68. I've been seing this dr. for 17 years, and to hhave him believe I was not taking my rx felt like a betrayal. He was very adamant that the "tests are accurate" and there was no mistake. I mentioned the earlier blood test and asked if he would take another blood test, response was "no". I did break down crying and asked "How can this br? I'm taking my meds every day, hiw can they not show up??\" I said "I just turned 60, my Mom passed away at 62 and my Dad at 75...I figure I've ggot 10-15 good years left, how will I manage to have any quality oif life without this Rx" and started almost chanting"what am I going to do? What am I going to do?"

All of a sudden a "light bulb" went off in the drs. eyes, and he said "I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt - I'm not going to renew your Rx, but I am going to call the toxicologist at the lab"and I'll let you know if something changes."
I left in tears - not only was I denied my meds, but noe my dr. thinks I'm a criminal/"

The next morning I got a call from the clinic office -- turns out Dr. was told by the testibg service that the urine tests were flawed and results not proper, so now your pills will be renewed."

So my dr. came through for me, after all. Something I said, together with our passt history, caused the dr. to stop and think, and now the many folks in our little town whi have been denied all of a sudden getting their meds.

Anyone out there with this problem should try to see if their drs. would check with the labs. - there are too many stories like mine on the internet. Someone suggested buying a home drug test kit and it shows your meds, take it and a new, unopened kit with you and ask if you can do the test there along with the urine test they give to show the meds in your system whether the official test does or not. Fortunately, we didn't have to go that far.

My dr. came through for me, but it wasn't easy. Hopefully, this info will help others.
smann68 replied to debbilee's response:

I'm glad everything has worked out for you! It's such a shame that your dr. of 17 yrs. would automatically defend the test first and not you. Wouldn't it have been nice if he had said, "I know this test must be wrong b/c she has been my patient long enough that I know better"?

Oh of luck to you!

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