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Lower leg pain
czygine posted:
I am the primary caregiver to my 88 yr. old dad. He is doing really well but suffers from lower leg pain. He says that it is an extreme "tiredness" type of pain but sometimes he has to sit down or he will fall down. He is a smoker and has been smoking for 80 yrs. I have been trying to tell him to quit smoking and the pain an walking would probably improve. Am I right? He did quit for a whole month with no improvement so he is smoking again. After 80 yrs. of smoking, would quitting so anything to help him? I should add that he is a very religious "mall walker" and has been walking everyday (unless he is sick) for over 12 yrs. He also works in his workshop making cat scratching posts to sell at various farmers markets. . . . so he is still pretty active. Does anyone have any advice?
AntonioPablo responded:
HI czygine,

88 years a long period, especially to smoke. there is no any time to quit a non-profitable habit.

And about leg pain, at this age, bone starts losing it;s health, and triggers several types of pains, so its better to make bone healthy as earlier so it naturally fight with that pains and all.

you can give your father a bone health supplement, which will encourage a bones over all health.

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