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    Left Hip Pain
    cmacres posted:
    I am a 70 year old white male and I have been having considerable pain in my left hip, thigh & knee (I believe these last 2 could be referral pain). 2 1/2 years ago I fell with a ladder approx. 7-8 feet; broke my r/tibia and damage to tendons in r/ankle. I landed on a stack of cardboard boxes and a few months later, I was having lower back pain when I went in for carpal tunnel surgery on my r/wrist. EMG & xrays done and Ortho dr. then suggested I had possible pinched sciatic nerve. I have been to 4 other doctors since including two spine surgeons - both suggested my pain was in my hip & not the back. I underwent 6 steriod injections (1st no results, others good) and the last test was for trial blockage for nerve ablation. I walked into Pain clinic dr.s office with about a pain level of 2-3. When done, I walked out about a 12. Next day was having severe groin pain & started experiencing electric shocks down left leg right after standing up. He volunteered to try it again & I refused. Pain has progressed tremendously since. Last spinal surgeon I visited said he saw nothing that would require surgery so sent me to 17 physical therapy appointments with emphasis on the lumbar region & exercises at home. PT worked on my hip and I felt relief that I had not felt in several weeks. The electric shocks are gone, but now I experience a tingling like a part of my body was asleep & waking up. This was not to last though. I finally got an appointment to see about my hip and the xray showed negative results. Was sent to a general surgeon who ordered a total body bone scan. Scan results I was informed showed white spots on my left leg - general questions about past injuries, etc. All were negative. I DID HAVE prostate cancer and am 6 1/2 years in remission after 38 EBRT treatments. Last PSA exam 11/2013 was 0.14. I have heard of prostate cancer metastasizing to bones; just unsure since PSA level is low. I digressed from limping to a cane and now a walker. I can barely make it across a room without pain. Dr.s have me on Ultram 50mg (3x daily), Hydrocodone 5/325 (2 x 4 hours), Diclofenac 75 mg (3 daily w/meals), Gabapentin 100 mg (x 14 daily). Nothing is really touching the pain. This pain has only gotten worse over the last 5-6 months and I have lost 95% of my general daily living abilities. I can no longer even drive since last month. I have an infrared heat/vibrator, that I use for heat only and apply that to my left upper and lower hip and occasionally groin area for some pain relief to get to sleep. I wake up at night after the RX wears off & have to get up and take 2 more Hydrocodone tabs; then use the heat to relieve until I can get back to sleep. I have many people from different congregations/churches/family/friends praying for me. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME?
    undefined responded:
    Hello: I saw your post on Web MD you sound like you are having some major issues with pain much like my husband is experiencing, he has had a total knee replacement, a total hip replacement and a rotator cuff surgery in the past 2 years he is in really major pain, but someone told us about an all natural cream that really helps to control the pain, the product is called Therma Mend it is an all natural cream that will not interfere with any medication you take, it has essential oils in it and it goes through 7 layers of skin and tissue in order to reach the joint it is not like Ben Gay or Biofreeze because Ben Gay and Biofreeze just stay on the top layer of the skin they do not penetrate through the skin and tissue but Therma Mend does, my husband's friend put some of the cream on his fingers at the time this friend put the cream on my husband's fingers he could not close his fingers because he had been working on a tractor all day he put a small dab of Therma Mend on his fingers and he really did not think this would do him any good because he goes to the orthopedic doctor once a month for a very strong shot to control his pain so that he is able to work but within 30-40 minutes later he looked at me and said I cannot believe this but the pain in my fingers is completely gone and he could close his fingers he now uses a small dab of the cream on his shoulder, knees and hips each night you only need to use a small amount of the cream about the size of a pencil eraser and rubs it in really good and at night he uses a small dab of the cream on the bottom of both feet and on the top of his shoulders and on the back of his neck and he is now able to get a very good night's sleep. I would love to send you a free sample packet of Therma Mend for you to use and you can let me know how it works for you. Therma Mend sometimes works on the first application and on some others it may take a week or so before the pain is gone if you will give this product a try for a month I am sure you will get relief from all of this pain that you are in. Please email me your mailing address and I will get you a sample packet in the mail for you to try and if it works for you I will be glad to sell you some full size tubes for you to use.
    codot responded:
    Have your docs checked for tendon tears in your hips? I am 49. female, very active, we farm, so the active is really active. I have had stabbing, shooting, radiating pain in my hips, down my legs, knees, to my ankles. Finally, after 5-6 years of this, and it was getting worse, went to talk to someone about it. Greater Trochanteric Bursitis, had injection in each hip (which only lasted about 2-3 wks), PT, went to orthopedic, xrays showed my hips were great! whew referred to dr in neuroscience, MRI, for spinal stenosis, nope, back looked good. back to original diagnosis of bursitis, 60 days later, I had "had it" meds were just masking the pain. didn't feel it had improved much if any. Back to orthopedic, asked about tears in the hips???? he stated he felt it was a "nerve issue" but that we should rule out all that we could, so another MRI, low and behold, I have a full tear in my left hip and partial in my right. Doc is great, I like him, really glad I didn't give up doing my own research! Looking at surgery in a month or sooner. Wish I could find someone who has had any of the tendons in the hip repaired.
    franola replied to codot's response:
    Are tendon tears in the hips common?

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