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Recurring boils: 30 boils in 5 months, and counting..
robertthomas89 posted:
To whoever can help,

In the last 5 months I have suffered from a chronic Staph Infection (confirmed Staph, NOT MRSA), which causes painful boils to appear on the skin. I am looking for a cure and for to stop the boils appearing, I've tried everything and each doctor I see can't help me.

In August 2013 it started with 3 painful boils, I went to see a doctor and he gave me a prescription for some strong antibiotics. The antibiotics worked and once the boils drained I thought it was over, simple.

However 2 weeks later more boils appeared, these being equally as painful. I visited a different doctor a second time and he confirmed I had a staph infection, he also gave me a 2nd prescription for, different, antibiotics. Once again I had a good couple of weeks but more boils appeared, so I visited a doctor again.

This time I was given a prescription for Hibiscrub, with the hope to clean my skin and eliminate the infection. I was also sent to a local hospital to have some blood tests. The results of the tests showed that I had an iron deficiency, so I was given a 3 months course of iron tablets, I hoped this would improve my immune system and end the boils.

It is now January 2014 (5 months after the first boil). I have had countless blood tests and my iron levels are now fine. The results of all blood tests show I am fine and normal. I am a 24 year old man, 6'0 and 160lbs, I have an excellent diet, I walk approx 10km each day, and I excessive regularly between boils. I eat my 5 fruit and veg, I take daily supplements of Vit C & Zinc, Multi Vits, Garlic, and Natural Yogurt, and I lead a healthy, stress-free, life (apart from when I'm dealing with the boil pain). My hygiene is also impeccable and I shower daily, I also wash all my clothes, towels and bedding on a hot wash.

As my title reads I've had about 30 boils over the last 5 months. These range from pea to golf ball sized. They also range in pain from a mild irritation to complete agony. I've had about 5 which have stopped me from sleeping and have forced me to take time off work. I've tried taking different types of pain killers including Ibuprofen, Codine, paracetamol and anti-inflammatory but none help me with the pain. The boils have appeared all over my body, but only where I have hair growing. I also have eczema which can cause me to scratch my skin from time to time. I originally though this was the cause of my problem, but I've had boils appear on my arm pits and in my head hair but i NEVER scratch these areas.

I'm desperate for help with my problem. The pain is difficult to bare and the problem has really done a lot of damage to my confidence - I don't know when this is going to end. I work full-time in a secondary school and this problem is also affecting my work. The pain can be a big distraction and when I am losing sleep I turn up to work very tired, which limits my productivity.

Anyone who can help me with the pain management caused by the boils, or has any ideas regarding a possible cure, please reply to my post or email me at

Thank you in advance


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