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lady141 posted:
can someone help me deal with the depression that comes with fibromyalgia?
annette030 responded:
I have FMS, and I think the depression comes with changes in your body and your ability to do things in your life. I do not think that depression is a given with FMS, it just sometimes also happens.

Depression needs to be treated as it would anyway, even if you did not have FMS. Depression can cause pain and with FMS you have enough of that anyway.

Antidepressant medication did not work for me at all, made everything worse. So I used a therapist who used cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. I am a real believer in CBT and talk therapy with a well trained therapist. It cured my depression about twelve years ago, it has never returned.

I don't believe in just talking forever. I believe in goal oriented therapy. You need to decide what you want to achieve in therapy, then break it down with your therapist and start work. Set regular intervals to assess how you are doing.

If you wish to use antidepressant meds you will need to discuss that with your doctor. There are many, many different kinds, you may have to try several different ones. It takes 4-6 weeks on each one to get the optimum benefit, so it is a slow process.

Two books I recommend are "Feeling Good" by Dr. David Burns, MD, and "Managing Pain Before It Manages You" by Dr. Margaret A. Caudill, MD, PhD. You can use these alone or with your therapist. Both are available in softback at most book store chains.

Take care, Annette
BrenBren30813 responded:
Hi there lady141, Welcome to the pain management support group exchange. I read Annette's reply and she has some very good suggestions. The CBT is probably the best route if you can get in to see someone who has dealt with fibro patients before, that would be a big bonus; but those who do cognitive behavioral therapy aren't specified, they just know how to deal with a whole array of my opinion, someone who lends a more sympathetic ear to a person with fibro, would be ideal.

Though you're speaking of help with the "depression" that "comes with fibromyalgia", depression is what it are suffering from a very debilitating condition, I know it's hard. How is your family supporting you at this point? Do you have a husband who is sympathetic?

I wish you the best, if you ever feel up to it, write us, we're here to listen to you.
Have a good day, hope you find answers to help you soon, B

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