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    It's Friday!
    BrenBren30813 posted:
    Well the weekend is here and most everyone in the working world gets a break. I sure do wish I could have a break from chronic pain. I wish I could be out playing tennis right now and competing like I used to, then come home, shower and eat a bunch of carbs to get ready for the next morning's ride. I used to cycle 45 miles on Saturday mornings and it was like no other feeling I've ever felt. Fresh air, cars honking, 20 + people ahead of you or behind you talking to one another and peddling steadily while judging the wind, and sometimes spitting out the occasional bug...ahh yes those were the days!! Now that I sit home and take medication to manage my pain, I realize the days of being active would sometimes initiate "pain" and make me push was a good kind of pain though, and I miss it.
    Happy weekend!
    Sick of the pills, doc's visits, imaging, and family disruption, B
    Charl1942 responded:
    It has been a week since you posted this message. I am sorry, but I haven't been sitting much to be at the computer, and I have missed a lot.
    I can tell you really miss the very active life you had before the pain. I guess all of us miss what we used to be. Sometimes it just doesn't seem right, but that is the hand we are dealt and we must continue treading along until something better comes down the pipes for us.
    I have started the therapy. I have one treatment a week for an hour. It sometimes feels like it is doing some good. The therapist told me it will be a very long process, but my spirits are better just knowing there is something out there with a name to the problem I have, and something can be done to help the pain. I will always remember you for helping me find the cause of my pain through the internet when the medical profession had not done so in a couple of years. I owe you dear girl! Rare dx or not, it does look like someone would have figured it out....
    BrenBren30813 replied to Charl1942's response:
    hey there Charl! Great to see you here. Yup, I wrote it over a week ago and nobody has's lonely here on the support group exchange. It's too bad because I see so many others on various pain exchanges discussing the very things I had intended on discussing here. I too need support, so I thank you for yours, but I'm questioning whether or not I should keep this up any longer?? The exchange, I mean.

    And you are so very welcome for the info I gave you. I am so glad that you can finally target the right areas, doc's can now treat you, and mostly! that your attitude has done a 360...when I'm feeling down, I think about you going through similar things and smile to think I helped you a little. Can you go to PT 2x week? or does she think that's too much. I'm just thinking since you have been out of position for so long that she will need to be very aggressive in the beginning. It took my PT (at 2x week) about 3 months to get my pelvis to remain well-aligned. The pain with alignment is as bad as in the beginning because when you're out for so long your body/muscles/nerves just act like they've been jerked out of position all over again.

    Unfortunately my PT is only giving me 'till the end of June. She says that if I don't make significant improvements between now and then that she will have to let me go because there "isn't anything else she can offer me"..... :(

    We'll see. Please keep me updated on your progress and I would like to know the details of your PT if you have time. I'm just wanting to learn her approach. You can share via email if you feel more comfortable there :)

    Miss talking to you! Hang in there and come back to the board more often, I need someone to talk to here.... Hell-O O OH OH - can anybody here me-E-E-E??? (ECHOES)
    bj1208 replied to BrenBren30813's response:
    hey all - i'm here and back!!!! hurray!! i just posted a big update - OMG can anyone go through anymore drama than what we do!! it's been a long couple of months and i'm worn out! but still here and back so hope u all are doing well -

    take care - Joy~~
    Charl1942 replied to BrenBren30813's response:
    Hello Bren,
    I just dropped in to tell you I will get back with you as soon as I can. I am still treating with the therapist once a week. I don't know why she only takes me once. Maybe because the muscles are so tight from the long time in those twisted conditions, but if that is the case she will probably increase the treatment to twice a week later on. It takes me about an hour and one half to drive each way. I feel like s**t well before I get there or get home. I am just like the others of us, I do the best I can.

    Later, Charl
    bj1208 responded:
    hey brenbren -well another week has gone by - gosh it's been horrible for me -

    between my mom and father-n-law it seems they are having a race to see who can be in the hospital the most! LOL - ever since April that is all I've been doing - taking one or the other to the hospital for stents and/or surgery - and it's not over!! my mom still has an issue with gall stones - finally her appointment is this coming Monday!! I'm so happy - so is in so much pain -

    Ive only had a few moments to respond to some new members on the other 'main' board and haven't had a chance to sneak over here as I'm completely exhausted and my back is in horrible pains and I can't sit long enough to say hi -

    so I'm saying a big: HI

    hope you are doing well - i know i'm sick of the pills, pokes and everything else - my problem now is the heat and humidity - doesn't mix well with morphine!! but i do have a pool to go in and it's ready now -

    take care girl - miss ya - joy~~
    Charl1942 replied to bj1208's response:
    Joy I am glad the pool is ready and that you will have time to get into it. I remember last summer it was too cool most of the time. What is wrong with the weather anyway?

    Please let us know the results of your Mom's gallstones. Let us know how you are doing and how your treatments are going. Take care sis.

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