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thanks guys...
louellacan posted:
thanks for the words of encouragagement folks! its great to know we have an outlet and folks to talk to that "get it". i'm doing well and just trying to stay cool, lol! hot here in north everywhere i know! yes bren, it was that patch and i had problems with them sticking as well. i guess they just weren't ment for me. got some good news the other day, i normally have a liver biopsy every 5 yrs but doc tells me that my liver numbers are so good that we may not have to do one this go round. going in for blood work and if thats good, we can for-go it. hoping the results are good...those things hurt, lol!!! only other problem these days is my pain dr. has stopped doing the injections for a while and finding another dr. to do them is not easy. they really help me mostly more so in the summer when i tend to be more active, but its getting to the point that i am getting desperate for one because of the pain and tingling, ect. they are working on it. also the scoliosis is really causing me some major problems. have had several spells lately. dr. said it will get worse as i get older...really enjoyed hearing that! i guess when i see him next time we will have to do ssome talking about this and what he can do to help medication wise. i really don't want to take any more than i have to, but i guess its time to find something for break through pain that is fast acting. the oxy just takes too long to kick in. i am able to take one every 8 hrs as needed, but these spells come without much warning. i feel sure doc will find what i need. as long as i stretch and try to move around when they start, i'm learning how to keep it from geting as bad as it got the other day. that was as bad as bad could be and really scared me! it also helped to get in my air-tub in really warm water. love that thing!!! hubbie is home now, its so nice to have my best friend around for a while! he works 28 on 14 off as a tug boat capt. in the gulf, not river tug. he's gone a lot, but its worth it in the long run. in a way its easier for me. not that i don't want him home, but i don't have to act like i feel better than i do or worry about him worrying about me! we have a wonderful time while he's home and go and do as much as we can cram in...then i rest for a week when he leaves!!! he is wonderful and very understanding when i just can't keep up sometimes. and we make sure we take care of each others needs. he doesn't make me feel "less than" by any means. i am very blessed. got lots going on this time...working on the house and putting up some fresh veggies! i hope every one is well and having a good summer. remember, life is what we make it, so make each day count! take care and hope to visit with you again soon...prayers to all...lou

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