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fasttimeport posted:
fasttimeport posted: I am a 36 year old female with three boys. I have fibro and a unknow muscle disorder That causes may muscles to spams so bad I lock up and can not walk . I can see the spames craw up my leg and something jaw spams and locking. I have live with it for 8 years now. It is getting worse and as of the last two year I can feel it spam in my heart now. This last week I was taking to the ER because I could don't stop the spams the meds. This time was bifferent because I lost scence of everything around me and lost focus on anything seveal times. I my getting wores and don't know what to do .I have too much meds and too much pain. I am at the point I would just like to pass on. But I have my boys hold me to life. The ER was mean as always. They always say it is panic attack. But I am clam their is not panic. I just breath hard due to the pain and the spam in may jaws. I am so tied of them treating me as a panic attack. They give me somemuch stop the spams and send me home where after the meds wear off I back in the same shape. I am so tired of people not understanding. And not having a clue does anyone have my problem that can help.
TDXSP08 responded:
Have you Been to a Neurologist for an Examination ?

What treatment other than E.D. crisis visits have you had for this problem?

if you have had care other than E.D. visits what have they done as far as tests, labs etc...

missietl19 responded:
It does seem like you need to see a neurologist. I wish you luck and keep us posted.

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