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Interested in Latin Rx talk so I'm wondering..
Anhedonist posted:
How do you write this -;-? Is it Latin? Roman? I wanna impress my PM Dr by showing him I know stuff like BID and such but I don't know how to write the "take one" in Rx talk. What symbol is it?

I know it means take one but I can't find it in any translations. Is it a division sign?

Thanks in advance. BTW I wrote this here because the PM group is where I belong with my chronic pain.
bren_bren responded:
just a heads up:

altering your prescriptions is a federal crime = you will get busted

I haven't heard of anyone wanting to impress their physician, so in your case, it appears you are trying to alter a prescription. I hope to disuade you because you WILL get caught; if not at first, eventually. They take images of each script and the DEA has access to the database that ALL pharmacies contribute info to (concerning controlled substances). It is the pharmacy's responsibility to report false prescriptions to their local law enforcement agency - then it will be dealt with on a federal level.

If you truly were wondering how to "write" using their lingo - go to med school, or get into pharmacology.

I HIGHLY discourage any members to post their "interpretation" of such script ----

I hope you have your head on straight, B
Anhedonist replied to bren_bren's response:
No this is not for that. Believe me, I am not nearly stupid enough to forge scripts. Even Docs who forge scripts are better off getting drugs illegally than by writing their own. I just like knowing what my Doc writes on the paper because I love medical stuff. And yeah I know, I'm already signing up for pharm classes then getting into med school but I'm one of those people who gets really into whatever subject they happen to like and can't wait around for classes to start.
I have impressed my PM Dr a little by telling him Methadone was created by Nazis and then we started talking and joking during my Epi to calm me down - so that's what I had in mind. I know you were trying to warn me, you don't have to I wouldn't forge scripts.
bren_bren replied to Anhedonist's response:
Sorry to pass judgement, but your original post just made me think about script forgery. Thanks for clearing it all up and speaking honestly about your interest in education. However, I doubt anyone here will be able to tell you; so maybe you can ask the doc on your next visit.
hope you are well, and hope you stay well, Bren
Anhedonist replied to bren_bren's response:
Nah it's cool. I sometimes say stuff without thinking how others will take it. I think it's part of my mental disorder.
But thanks for replying.
Hope you're well too. Take care, buddy.

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