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Please Help me understand whats wrong with me!!
mammakat07 posted:
I have been in constant pain for over 15 yrs now. It seems like it just gets worse as time goes on. I have been told for over 10 yrs now that my doctpr suspects Fybromyalgia but wont ever give me a diagnois. I am tired all he time sometimes I cant even get out of the bed. I have worked for over 30 yrs and soon will be ready for retirement so Im not a stranger to work. If it wasnt for having to pay the bills Id probably not even want to get out of bed because of hurting so much.15 yrs ago when my 15 yr old son tapped me on the shoulder and I hollowered at him saying to quit that hurt. my son said "mom, I bearly touched you." I continued to feel pain and different areas of my body like my shoulders, back,legs, arms and buttocks started hurtin with the slightest touch. I can lay down or be just sitting or standing in one spot for as short a time as 20-30 minutes and Im in so much pain I cant stand it. My muscles and joints also have gotten to were they feel so stiff and can hardly pick my legs up sometimes after Ive been working or getting up from sittng after a little while. I also have this constant pain in my legs. I ask my son sometimes to press on certain places on my leg and it gives me a little relief then it starts hurting again. Over this time period I have had so many pains in my body to start hurting that I dont know wether they are different aliments or just pains from one problem with different symtoms. Please tell me what might be wrong with me or tell me where I can go to get some answers as my current doctors office wont give me any answers.
painwomen responded:
I am not sure if you want to hear this but it really doesn't get better we just get better at controling it.I think you need to see a rheumatic and internial medicine doctor.That is how I was diiagnoised. I know they don't have a way of telling if you have fibromyalgia it test for everything else and if you can't find anything its fibromyalgia.Sorry that happened to me.Look for good pain clinics mayo and cleveland are good.But the only thing that helped me was learning to meditate and my therapy dog.I take very little meds and I exercise alot.I know you are thinking exercise I can't do that I hurt and everything is stiff.I refused to exercise for four years and payed the price for it.I thought why should put myself thru that.Well I will tell you why Since I have been exercising for the last two years my health over all improved my outlook on life improved.I was happier and more content with what my life had become.I also learned that it improved my muscle function and my joints felt less stiff it was just plain easier to get around.Now don't get me wrong you will not notice a drastic improvment in your pain level or anything , but I have learned it is the little improvements that make a difference to I pain sufferier.I still get in my car after every work out and cry and try not to vomit from the pain.But in my world every little way a can make my life a little less sucky is worth it to me.I went to some senior arobics classes and the to the regular ones.I come no wear near to doing anything as fast as them or as graceful as them.I pretty much look like and idot but it makes me feel like I am fighting back.Like I am taking a piece of me back from the disease.I hope this helps and also look into CRPS/RSD. Be Well.....
GinaMVallar responded:
Hello..sounds alot like Fibromaylia..however I have alot of the same symptoms your speaking about. Have you had any lab work...on ACTH/Cortisol levels,Vit.Defs? I would have your Physician give you a complete CBC with Differential and w/o...check your sedimentation rate...You may have to do your homework and give the Doc...all your symptoms..and demand you want to rule out everything that is causing you such Pain/s. I went undiagnosed w/ a illness for over 10 years.. GoodLuck...I am sorry you are in so much pain.

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