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what should I do?
diamondjewl69 posted:
I have been living with severe pain for many years and in 2009 was diagnosed with RSD. I have been on pain relevers since then, but now I've been on the same amount of medication which is 40mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day, 15mgs of oxycodone 4x's a day since aug. of 09 and it just doesn't work anymore. I have expressed this to my pain managment DR and he just says that I am going to be on meds for the rest of mt life and will not raise the dose or anything. Should I switch DR's or what? I just can't have a normal life anymore being in pain every waking moment, please someone give me some advice on what I should do.
cweinbl responded:
When tolerance occurs, the patient must rotate to a chemically-different medication. Ask your doctor about rotating to Fentanyl Transdermal or Kadian and Oxycodone (or Hydrocodone) for breakthrough pain, Anti-depressants and anti-convulsants can offer even more help. Fentanyl is by far the most potent pain medication available. The patches provide a constant blood plasma level unsurpassed by other long or short-acting narcotics.

Have you tried TENS, accupuncture, biofeedback, hypnosis, off-label drugs, meditation or Yoga? Biofeedback can be a powerful tool. How many pain management programs have you tried?

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