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Help! Excessive Chronic pain
broken_prophet posted:
I have had chronic pain for over 14 years now.I am a 24 year old female.These are my symptoms: · Insomnia:Unable to sleep without medication for 5+ years. ( I have tried sleeping without medication multiple times for long spans of time and it always takes a very long time for me to fall asleep.If I can manage to sleep,I wake up about every 2 hours or so and very rarely am able to make it back to bed.)
Excessive and Chronic Joint Pain- 1.Hands & Fingers: Can not open things I was able to open just a few years ago (example: any type of screw on cap,lids ect.) My hands constantly ache and I have to clench my hands and crack my finger joints to get any sort of relief.I am unable to do regular day to day activities with out expirencing pain-sometimes a dull "ache" and sometimes a sharp pain in my finger & wrist joints. 2. Hips &/Or General Pelvic area: This is the area that gives me the most trouble on a daily basis,and has lasted the longest.I have had hip pain since I was very young, my first memory of it being when I was 7 years old. The pain is mostly centralized in the hip joint.I feel extreme pain ( I deal with a pain level of a 7 or 8 on a daily basis on a "good" day) in no other way to describe it but "inside" the hip joint. There have been incidents where I can walk the night before and wake up the next morning, go to put weight on one leg or another and my hip cannot support my weight and I collapse. Also, there have been multiple incidents where my hip(s) give me no warning what-so-ever and will suddendly "go out" from underneathe me. My hip joints constantly make an audible "pop" noise which others have heard on multiple occasions,and the popping is always acompained by a sharp pain. 3. Knees: My knee joints constantly lock in place and it is very painful to "unlock" the joint.The only way I have found to make the pain stop ( as with my hips when they "lock"as well) is to force the leg back into a straight legged position.It causes a brief,level 10,sharp pain. I cannot sit cross-legged or with one leg bent under me for any amount of time with out my knees "locking"
I also have recently been having very chronic migraines.I have had a headache on a pain scale of a 5 or 6 for almost 6 months now,and it escalates to a migraine occasionally that is joined but a sharp stabbing pain that feels like I am being shocked in my brain.I have also had problems concentrating as well as keeping words in the correct order.I have had many tests,but no doctor seems to know what is wrong with me .I would be greatly appreciative of any help,since this has had a very negative impact on my life.Thank you in advance!
cweinbl responded:
Was there a question in there somewhere? Have you thought about using narcotic pain medication and/or sleeping meds? Have you been through a comprehensive pain management program, where you can try dozens of non-invasive and minimally-invasive treatments? There are some terrific pain management options today, like biofeedback. But you need to enroll in a pain management program. Ask your doctor for a referral.

I get that you in chronic pain. So am I. So are most of the people who frequent this establishment. But we're not long-distance diagnosticians. You've told us what hurts. Now tell us what you have done about it, where and describe the treatment results. We can't help very much if we don't know more about what has worked and what has not worked.

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