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High-Dose Opioids Can help Conquer Chronic Pain
cweinbl posted:
Contrary to concerns professed lately by opponents of opioid analgesia, higher than usual doses of these medications could be just the thing to prevent acute pain from becoming a chronic, life-changing malady. As was recently successfully demonstrated in a preclinical study, the concept of early, short-term, high-dose opioid administration to quickly manage pain is a radical departure from usual practice and may offer interesting possibilities for better pain care.

In the study — published recently in the journal Science [Drdla-Schutting et al. 2012>, and further reported in the journal Nature [Frood 2012> — researchers at the Department of Neurophysiology, Center for Brain Research, Medical University of Vienna, report discovering new effects of opioids when given at a very high dose rather than continuously at typical lower does.

There has been some discussion in the literature that, by treating acute pain of various types quickly and aggressively, the chances of it becoming a chronic condition might be reduced. However, opioids are often avoided if possible as acute-pain therapy, and the current advice of "start low and go slow" when it comes to opioid dosing might actually favor in certain cases the development of long-term potentiation (LTP) that fosters chronic pain. Perhaps, what is most needed is higher rather than lower opioid dosing at the outset, at least for a brief period of time and, certainly, under safe conditions.
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commonsenceeducated responded:
No pun intended. But I learned at an early age we are working for the 1%, so the more you produce in a litter (as my parents did ), the greater the work force. As John Lennon wrote, imagine if everyone my age, a young baby boomer, never had a child. How long would it take for the rich 1% with most of the power and money, to dry up and run out. Since there would be no one to work or do their bidding.
The laws changed by the DEA on pain meds will only produce two classes of individuals, addicts (criminals ) and the others I care for the most, those who can no longer cope, who are forced to commit controlled murder. For no other reason than the DEA is so scared of losing their governmental jobs which have benefits beyond anyone in the privet sectors of our society. This is the reason they have never done away with the DEA. Give this a very HARD thought? A person who loves every aspect of life, as a Sentinel Being should, yet are driven by the cyclical ones in control of the medications they need. If you did this it would have such a positive effect on these people allowing them to flourish, into a productive contribution in our society, who may even invent a product or have an idea to change mankind forever. Another Einstein? When will you Land Beings change? MY promise to you, when my energy finally leaves this body, for the last time, the Positive Karma Energy will travel the universe, finding other Sentinel Beings to begin anew. But the Negative Karma Energy, will remain near and close to this planet, which will put and end, to all greed and the love of power, through the extinction of all Land Beings, putting earth back in control of the animals, as it was meant to be. WE have an option?

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