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BrenBren30813 posted:
I would like to point out AS A TIP that the new layout that WebMD has adopted can become confusing, but keep coming back and check things out to learn how to most benefit from all exchanges in general.

All exchanges that we create have very little content relative to those who make posts. My disclaimer as an Administrator of the Pain Management Support Group Exchange is that I cannot control the advertisements, suggested articles a.k.a."Related Articles", and various other links to the WebMD world. THIS IS TRUE FOR ALL EXCHANGES.

I read an article today that I am including in this post because it is short and sweet and very pertinent to my goal here on this exchange:

I want to find ways to reduce my pain, relative to the CONTROL my brain has over my body and it's reactions to thoughts, other people's words, and any other "suggestive" processes...I may post this as a discussion as well, since Tips and Resources are often overlooked.

Did I already post (as a Tip) that when you enter an exchange you
are automatically directed to the "What's Happening Now" page??? It is easy just to click to the "Discussions" link on the left side of the page and enter what we mostly seek out, what people are posting; however, from time to time I pay attention to the "What's Happening Now" page so I don't have to scan the overloaded page to see what's new in the other categories as well. These exchanges really are bombarded by ads, suggested articles, etc...but I want to let the newcomers know that us Administrators (me, Bren Bren) have very little control over what appears...ENJOY THE RIDE it'll be worth it!!
WELCOME - BREN BREN (a.k.a) "B" (a.k.a) "Brennan". Peace!
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sleeplessinIL responded:
Thank you I hope I can get more info to use this site. I am working on it!

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