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Painful legs and moving toes syndrome
sarkey posted:
I have had this condition for the past eight years and the pain is becoming worse in both legs and feet. My Neuro cannot suggest any other treatment except Lyrica and Rivotril as the Opiat drugs do not work.What next for a person in dreadful pain with this complaint. Can anyone help me please.

Verna Harford
119 George Street
TC513 responded:
hi I can tell you in the USA pretty much nothing but the whole drug thing. I take a lot of drugs, ex. 600mg Lyrica, Cymbalta, Methocarbanol 3 x's a day, Etodolac 2 x's and of course hydro-codon 7.5-325mg 4 x's a day. if they can't figure it out they figure they can keep you numb. Sorry

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