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crazy toes
shelbylaynesmom posted:
My toes began moving 16 months ago...they move everyday involuntary.I have had MRI's blood test Spainal tap everything comes back fine. Drs, dont seem to take me very serious,,but this is awful...stressful,,I take Requp XL 4mg soon to be on 8 mg.Its not doing anything for me.This also involves my leg like a pulling and now its in my right foot as well.My balance is off.I hope i can communicate with others that are having this.Maybe get some answeres and maybe i can help someone Thanks
kmaze001 responded:
Yes, it's very stressful and distracting. I had a zillion tests but thank goodness no spinal tap. All my tests came back fine too. I started with the right foot. After about a year and a half, the left foot started as well, but way less. My pain isn't bad, just mainly aches. I did have PT, and they said my balance was off also and gave me some exercises to correct it. That has helped a bit.
shelbylaynesmom replied to kmaze001's response:
Samw way here.It's beginning to effect my hands now.Its wierd however my right feet feels my right hand feels the same way.Are you talking anything?
shelbylaynesmom replied to shelbylaynesmom's response:
Let me rewrite that. If my left foot is feeling like it is being squeezed my left hand will feel the same way.It is very strange,

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