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Urgent Benadryl Question Help!
unknown posted:
Hi Ladies,

DD has a cold and fever. I gave her tylenol for the fever and the pedi said to give her benadryl for the cough. The dosage she told me is 1 tsp. Does that seem right? I'm just wondering because I was reading the bottle for children's benadryl and it says to give older children 1-2 tsps as well. I just wanted to double check...there's no infants benadryl right??? TIA!
jlg08 responded:
I give DD 1/2tsp. And youre right there is no infant benadryl. Since you havent given it to her before I'd start her off at just 1/2tsp to see how she reacts, if it doesnt seem to be working then give her another 1/2.
JoeBabes responded:
Nope there is no infants benadryl. Here is a dosing chart that might help. It goes by weight.
roni090909 responded:
I give 1/2 also. Here is a dosing chart,
molly88888 responded:
Call your local pharmacist.
tlrlovesdlr responded:
I hope it works....I would give her 1/2 tsp. dose see how she reacts to it. If it doesn't help clear her nose up, then I would give another 1/2 about an hour after. How much does she weigh? Is your pedi going by her weight? DP weighs about 24-25 lbs and I give him a little more than 1/2 tsp.

The dosing chart will def help.

Sometimes, depending on the cold, Benedryl doesn't work at all and I skip it all together.
Landon08 responded:
I give my LO a little under 3/4 teaspoon..He weighs 25 lbs. You can give them 1 tea over 25 lbs, but I don't.
KityKatK8 responded:
Yeah, check the dosing chart. My ped told me to use benadryl for a rash but he said a 1/4 of a teaspoon. My LO is 19 lbs. Definately no more than 1/2 teaspoon.

GL and hope your DD feels better soon. Don't forget the humidifier!
linzuh04 responded:
I take 2 tsps. I wouldnt give a 1 yr old half of a dose I I give DD 3/4 tsp and DS between 1/4 and 1/2.
robertirwing responded:
Hope this Benadryl dosage Chart will help you.

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